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Jakub Berman’s Villa

Narutowicza 2 Street

An extremely interesting, classicistic building is situated in the heart of pine forest. With its appearance it refers to the architecture of brick manor-houses. This building has been built during the years 1954-1956 for one of the most threatening people of the Stalinist Era – Jakub Berman who was responsible for the persecutions of millions of citizen of our Country by the security organs. 

Although Berman officially did not occupy any prominent positions he was yet in charge of the Polish United Workers’ Party (PZPR) ideology, as well as a member of the Political Committee of the PUWP or Public Security. He was supervising the Ministry of Public Security’s actions. 
The building has been erected on the premises which at that time were labeled as the abandoned property at the request of the Ministry of Public Security. It is not ruled out that the building was constructed with bricks carried away from Warsaw during the action of clearing the debris away. Unfortunately till now the land and mortgage register of this terrain has not been found.
The land around the villa has been enclosed and the terrain was patrolled by the squads subordinated to the Ministry of Public Security which is the Internal Security Corps. 
Finally, Berman has been deprived of a right to reside in the villa and forced to leave it in 1956. 
Some of the sources inform that Berman spent only eleven days on Otwock, however its seems to be implausible.  
Nowadays the Museum of Otwock Land is situated in this villa.