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7. Orphanage at Komunardów St.

Komunardów 10 str

Built in 1951 by Government of North Korea Orphanage admitted the first group of young, Korean, orphans already in November the same year.  Till 1959 almost 600 children came to Otwock, to live not only at Komunardów St. but also at Zaciszna Street and at. Bernardyńska St. in Soplicowo.  
On 4 July 1956 Orphanage at Komundarów St. was visited by contemporary leader of North Korea.  In memory book, his own signature is still conserved: “Forever in hearts of Korean Nation will last given by Polish Nation beneficiation,  in raising our children and our students.”
The last Koreans left from Otwock in 1959.  The  plaque in the hall and two inconspicuous monuments of friendship built by orphans,  are remembrance after them. 
One of the monuments is located behind the house at Komunardów St. second in front of deserted Orphanage at Benedict Street. 
Behind the monument in Świder, children planted a thousand trees. Today it is already a forest. In the end of 1959 Ki Ir Sen decided about massive return of all Koreans to their former country. 
It was unimagined tragedy for all children. They were truly connected with Poland, and found new parents here, they had friends, they learned polish language and suddenly, they had to abandon everything and return to country, which they barely remembered.