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The baron Lesser’s tenement

Warszawska 26 Street

One-floored, built between 1890-1893 in the Gothic revival style, from the red brick. In the middle divided into two identical halves by the crossing entry, on the vaulting which we can see the well-preserved blue paintings showing the country landscape. The first floor prepared for the apartments, the ground floor- for shops. It is intended for renting.

Its next owners: Jankiel Fekel i Moszek Szwarc-wald rented it to Consumable Association of Self-help in Otwock. In 1918 the tenement was bought by Majer Stambuch and sold it after a year with the mortgage debts. 
The new owners Bronisław Migdalski with his wife bought the tenement with the purpose of having a meat-cold cuts store on the ground-floor, and on the first floor for private apartments. The butcher’s was located in the deep of yard. Only the half of the tenement was occupied by Migdalscy, in the other half the tenant Abram Noj with his family lived and had a grocery store. Bronisław Migdalski is not only the master of fishing, but also a big social worker. He was an alderman, was active in school supervision, he was sponsoring the private scholarships for students. He died on the 2nd of November 1928. It was their son Zygmunt Migdalski, the Capitan of AK, pseudonym “ZZ”, whose name was called the nearby roundabout. 
After the war the tenement was inhabited by random tenants, Migdalscy family moved to Śródborowa.