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The Promyk cinema

Warszawska 31 Street

Two storied, built houses, thanks to his new owner- Mrs. Monika Bachowska, beautifully renovated not a long time ago, came back to their splendor years.

They were built around 1920. They were the property of Gręda’s family, and same like today, had the same number Warszawska 29. Jan Gręda, the head railway Otwock, for his contributions to the city, he was appointed to the City Council on the 21st of August 1919. In the building, on the left side, the rooms were rented, in the next building different companies, associations, societies, as well as Mr. Łopata’s cinema.
After the Second World War, in the building, the only cinema in the city called Promyk was activated. The film shows were firstly displayed on the first floor, in 70ties also on the ground-floor. The cinema was very prosperous, and the reason for it were the long lines to buy the tickets.