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The property of Badior family

The property of Badior family

The prewar property of Badior family was located between todays Warszawska, Willowa, Kościuszki i Żeromskiego streets.

Since 1910 in the one of five storied, wooden buildings The Guesthouse of Nausbaum Brothers was functioning. After 1930 the building’s owner became F. Cukierman who changed its name for Polonia Palace. After the war it became a communal building. The house got burned during the night of 23rd/24th December 1998.
Till today two buildings survived, unfortunately destroyed, however, the architectural elements showing the splendor of Otwock’s wooden villas were saved.
The magnificent, storied building from the Willowa street (covered with the blue paint) has partially developed, beautiful porches with semicircular windows; most likely here, during the German occupation the German Military Commander’s Office was located. 
In the deep into yard, the old Much Zygmunt Badior villa from the beginning of the 20th century, is located. The current owner put it out to be sold.
It is under the conservation care.