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8. Burning down of militia station

On 1 May 1981, when mad crowd wanted to lynch militants, the ones who defended them were  hated by government opposition members. 

It started from the incident in railway buffet.  Shop assistant during the discussion about caution money, threatened two drunk men, that she will call militia.  Hooligans, armed themselves in rock, and headed to the militia station.  They were brutally stopped by militants.  The  terrible screams of vandal caused the gathering of crowd, in front of the station.  After a few minutes, some members of crowd started to yell, that problem of militants should be “resolved”. 
Crowd was getting more and more angry. There was a try of weighting the station doors. There were demands of turning one of militants into the hands of the crowd, who was considered to be especially aggressive. 
Members of Solidarity were alarmed, on the place of this event, the chief of Justice Intervention of Mazovian Region Commission  - Zbigniew Romaszewski appeared.  Despite of the fact he knew, that militants had broken the law, he springs to their defense. 
At the same time, procurator, MO commandant of MO and ZOMO troops.  Troops waited for pacification order, however everybody knew, that this decision would only aggravate the hard situation in whole country.  The representatives of Solidarity managed to convince procurator to stop the action. 
Among the members of croud, there was a rumor, that militants beat hooligans so hard, that they caused their blackout.  Crowd became furious. Station was glade by gasoline. Everybody yelled: Solidarity!  Get out!  We are setting fire! 
At last, Zbigniew Bujak and Adam Michnik appeared, together with two hooligans, who introduced themselves by megaphone.  Adam Michnik explained, that they are both free, and gave guarantee, that they will be not arrested again.  He declared, that if this will happen, he will come in front of the station by himself.  
At 3 a.m crowd started to melt, but riots didn’t stop.  In the afternoon next day, a group of people gathered in front of militia station, and set the fire.  Work of fire service was deliberately handicapped. As a result, until 7 p.m. the station completely burned down. 
A groups of hooligans walked around the town, and tried to destroy shops and wagons standing on the sidetrack of railway station. Eventually town became patrolled by troops created from volunteers and activists.  They replaces militants, who had gone from the streets.