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The Julia Villa

Warszawska 23 and 23a Street

On the Maurycy Karstens’s plot, the owner of the one of the biggest enterprise constructor in Warsaw, in 1893 there were two houses meant to be rented. The Villa Julia- very original, bricked, storied, with a high turret which can be seen from a long distance, and a wooden, ground-floored with the attic, with the light construction, fronted to the Kościelna street building.
In 1905 Aleksander Kowalski became the owner of the villa, and placed there the inhalation room and furnished it in a European style, and in the wooden house- the pharmaceutical warehouse. In the garden located in his property he built a large wooden building (nr 23a) as well as the pump room Motor. On the beginning of 20ties of the 20th century the Villa Julia was handled to a new owner- doctor Gotliba Kremera and changed its destination. On the first floor the Postal and Telegraphic Office was located, the ground floor was inhabited by the private tenants, and an owner- dr Gotlib Kremer, the psychiatrist, the director of Mental Hospital for Jews, Zofiówka, who also was an internist, pediatrician, was having the private practice. Dr G. Kremer agreed to build on the corner of his plot a few wooden buildings, which were meant to become shops. Just before the war dr G. Kremer left the country for good. 
In the Julia villa the Postal and Telegraphic Office was functioning till 1935. The phone and a telegram were operating until the end of the war. 
After the war the villa was inhabited by the tenants allocated by the Civic Board of Directions. 
Nowadays, the villa is the property of one of the Otwock’s entrepreneur. 
The Villa Julia was listed in the Monument’s Register under the number 992, 80-o6-14 and was put under the conservatory protection.