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The Lucyna - Oleńka Villa

Warszawska 34 Street

The storied, bricked building, one of the first bricked houses in Otwock. In 1893 the owner the villa was Roch Gogolewski. In 1906- Skrzetuski who changed the villa’s name for Oleńka.

To this representative villa in 1900 young doctor Władysław Czaplicki along with his wife Stanisława and a son Jerzy moved in. Here in 1904 their daughter Irena was born. Jerzy became a world-famous artist- an opera singer, Irena became an actress of the amateur Otwock’s theater. She died at 29. Her daughter is Irena Sarnecka-Derkacz- a poet and painter- exalting Otwock with a good atmosphere. The Czapliccy family lived in the villa by Warszawska 33 street till 1907.
Władysław Czaplicki (1871–1922) was a remarkable doctor, as one of the first he used the new method of healing tuberculosis by pneumothorax.
He was suffering form tuberculosis by himself, moved to Otwock knowing the healing advantages of our city. In Otwock he used to work as Nadwiślańska Railway’s doctor and practiced his knowledge in the local convalescent homes. Also, he was active in Otwock’s social life. He was chosen as a president of the first Management formatted in 1912, the Society of Otwock’s Friends. Thanks to the doctor and Otwock’s Society, Otwock was given in 1916 the charter. Before that, in 1906 doctor Czaplicki was a co-author and editor of The Otwock’s Guide, the originator of Centre associating the Otwock’s activists.
He died on the 14th of June 1922 in Otwock, where he was buried. He is resting along with his beloved wife, daughter and son.
As a appreciation of his contribution to the city, the Sądowa street was named after him.