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Otwock’s turist trails

Otwock’s turist trails

In 2006 Otwock was celebrating the 90th anniversary of enforcing  the civic rights, nonetheless the history of settlement on this territory dates back to 12 thousand years B.C.: in the Museum of The Otwock Land are situated the archeological excavations  from the region of Świder river, such as pot, stony knives, etc. this is a very old pe-history, so lets get back to the modern times.

With no doubts, it may be claimed that Otwock as a sanatorium and spa place, came into being thanks to the construction of Kolej Nadwiślańska (the end of XIX century). Back then- initially around the railway station, and later- the development of settlement began in this region. The amazing atmosphere values of pinery, as well as a convenient connection with the capital, caused that soon after that, many sanatoriums, villas, and holiday homes, started arise in Otwock.

The printed version of guidebook is available in the department of Culture, Sport, Tourism in authority of Otwock.

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