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1. City Hall- Rozalin Residence

Armii Krajowej 5 Street

In 1916 Otwock enforced the civic rights. As a permanent establishment for the municipality the eng. Stanisław Sierakowski’s brick villa was chosen, situated on the right side of a railway track, when coming from Warsaw.  

This beautiful building, with a turret, was built around 1880. In the book Otwock’s villas and the conditions of stay, Edmund Diehl writes:…on the more than three-morgen space towers, regarding the construction and area, on of the most beautiful Otwock’s Villas belonging to the engineer Stanisław Sierakowski, storied, made of brick, with the decorative turret, with the basement rooms, designed to be kitchens and basements, as well as a separated brick icehouse. On the ground floor two spacious flats, consisted of three rooms, on the first floor smaller rooms. The villa is intended to be rent fully or partially.
The Rozalin Villa was bought in 1920 with the purpose of being the permanent establishment of the Otwock’s municipality. The building with the turret was rebuilt to the order of mayor Górzyński in 1925, under the project of city architect Eugenia Jabłońska- a doughter of vice-mayor Wolfgang Jabłoński. The adjustment works were finished in 1928.
At the same time, next to it, a brick building was placed under the project of J. Mokrzycki designed as the flats for the Municipality’s employees and for the city’s guests. Nowadays, there are located the departments of Otwock’s City Hall. 
Otwock’s town hall lasts till today in an unchanged shape.
The Otwock’s authorities’ registered office, the rebuilt old Rozalin Villa, was listed in the register of monuments on the 31st of January 1979 under the 936 number, the adjacent building was put under the conservatory protection.