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In  1909 Jewish Anti Tuberculosis Association Brijus - Health was established. It was Beijus Sanatorium which first introduced the project of social anti – tuberculosis sanatorium in Otwock. In 1911, thanks to the generosity of Jewish society, 32 acres wooden area was bought. This was the area were building process started.

In 1914 the building of first 40 – bed pavilion was finished, but because of war, official opening was in 1916. Extension of main building was continued. After World War I, sanatorium had two pavilions with 100 and 60 beds.
Financial difficulties connected with  war times, was the reason for which Association had to lease one of the pavilions to Warsaw Magistrate Hospital Ward.
For all this time, extension process of Sanatorium was continued. In 1928 it had 200 beds. Moreover, the pavilion for 100 poor children was opened. In 1931 the Bone Tuberculosis Treatment Ward was also opened.
Pavilions of Brijus Sanatorium had single and double rooms for well situated patients as well as rooms for 4 or 8 patients, who didn’t have enough money. Rooms were spacious and double-windowed, they had comfortable  metal beds and nightstands for every patient. Lying, covered rooms were placed on terraces – they provided good conditions of climatic treatment.
Sanatorium had roentgen office, big operating room, and analytic laboratory located in separated building. Synagogue, library, and broad walking area with sport field  - all of this elements completely satisfied patient needs. 
Brijus Sanatorium  applied the newest available treatment methods of lungs tuberculosis: broadly defined surgical operations such as cutting phrenic nerve, pleura filling and thoracoplasty.  It also organized the first group therapy and rehabilitations.
On December 1st 1940 sanatorium was on the territory of ghetto health resort. It was renamed to Anti – Tuberculosis Social Insurance Sanatorium. After execution of Jewish patients, it was connected with Warsaw Sanatorium and functioned till July 29th 1944  as German Hospital.
From August 1944 to 1945 it was a place o f Red Army field hospital. After its evacuation , two pavilions of Association Brijus Sanatorium was officially joined to the Warsaw Sanatorium as pavilions A and B.
In 1951 Warsaw Sanatorium and former Brijus Sanatorium was renamed to Feliks Dzierżyński Sanatorium. 
At present, they are renovated and modernized pavilions A and B of Mazovian Health Centre of Lungs Diseases and Tuberculosis Treatment.