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10. The Podole Villa with the pharmacy

Kościuszki 11 Street

One of the most representative Otwock’s “świdermajerów”. The wooden building, ground floored, large enough, habitable with the side entrance and with the main, original up the stairs, from the corner of Kościuszki and Kościelna street. 

The Podole Villa was built in 1895 by provisor of pharmacy Franciszek Podolski and till the 8th of January 1951 was in his successors’ hands. Next nationalized, functioned until 90ties of the 20th century. During the war it was a place where the underground press and conspiracy contacts were exchanged. The villa was surrounded by the beautiful garden made under the project of a Warsaw’s pianist Michał Nagay. The project was awarded on the exhibit in Częstochowa. The living in the villa F. Podolski’s descendants are trying to keep the house and a garden in a very good condition and shape. They are doing it with a success.
The Podole villa from its very beginning is a characteristic place of Otwock.