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12. Reymontowka

W. Reymonta 29 Street

The plot is located in the oldest part of Otwock, called Aleksandrówka, consists of three wooden, ground-floored, holiday “świdermajerów” from the end of 19th century.

They have the beautiful porches and hand-made wooden decorations, especially the one on which the board from the initiative of the Association of Otwock’s Friends was hanged in 2001: in this house between 1908 and 1918 Władysław Reymont stayed and composed, the author of “Chłopi”, the laureate of Nobel Prize.
On the beginning of 20th century the premises with “świdermajerami”was the property of Jakub Schatzschneider, the father of Aurelia, Władysław Reymond’s wife.
The buildings are under the conservatory protection.