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12. Military Airforce Hospital

B. Prusa 1/3 Street

From 1944 to 1947  Military Airforce Hospital functioned in guesthouse Europa .

It had 200 beds and wards: internal, surgical, ophthalmic, neurological, laryngological and dermatological/ venereal. 
In 1949 after renovation and adaptation, in former Europa guesthouse, on possession Rysinek at B. Prusa 7 St.  Anti – Tuberculosis Hospital MBP was established. Then, after incorporation of Anti-Tuberculosis hospital at Warszawska 5 St. the Anti – Tuberculosis Sanatorium of Interior Ministry.  It held 210 beds. It was equipped with proper utilities, had doctor and nurses vacates, roentgen, bacteriological and analytical laboratory, pharmacy and service staff. 
Since 1959 Sanatorium modernized and changed its profile according to epidemiology of lungs disease. Three – storeyed wing was added to pavilion Europa, which could held 80 beds and contained Pulmonological Ward with proper equipment.  This ward hired highly qualified doctor and service staff according to clinical requirements. 
In the end of 90 of XX century, hospital held 122 beds on three wards, intensive control room,  bronchofiberoscopical and oncological workroom, laboratorial diagnostic office, roentgen and physical therapy workrooms, ECG, and skin test workroom.  
Rehabilitation groups are still very popular.