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13. Abram Gorewicz’s Health Resort

Armii Krajowej 8 Street

The building of Abram Gorewicz’s Health Resort is a well known landmark in Otwock and one of the biggest wooden structures of its kind in Poland. The building has significant historical, architectural and artistic elements of great value. It was erected on a parcel of 3 hectares. Built in stages, between 1906 and 1921, it was initially known as Villa Gorewiczanka – a small residence of the Gorewicz family. Later on, it was converted into a beautiful health spa called Gorewicz’s guest-house which, in the late 30s was known as Gorewicz’s Institute of Diet and Medicine.

In the final stage of development, the structure was given a polygonal shape, consisting of seven adjacent wings. To the east and south, the building was surrounded by rest rooms, glazed verandas, and three open terraces.

A Perfectly equipped spa had a sewage system, running water, electric lights, and phones. There was also an elegant shared lounge for patients, a reading room, a parlor, a dining room, and a concert hall furnished with a piano. These rooms were further embellished with painted decorations from renowned graphic artist Tom Joseph, in which the colours of gold, blue, and red dominated.
The Spa was located in a professionally arranged park with variety of exotic plants.
The health resort didn’t have the status of a sanatorium or hospital. It accepted only convalescents and people seeking for rest.  For its visitors, health resort provided haute, varied, and sometimes dietetic cuisine. Visitors could also took advantage of doctors help. 
During the war, the building was took over by the Germans.
With the ensuing invasion of Otwock by the Red Army and the Collaborate Soviet Polish Army in July 1944 it became the hospital of the NKVD, and then it became Educational Personnel Training Centre of the Ministry of Education.
In 1948, the ancestors of Roman Górewicz and his brother Ignatius and their aunt Ida Grynszpan (née Górewicz) sold the property to the Municipal Government of Warsaw which, in the same year, resold it to Ministry of Education.
From 1954 to 1960 it was Central Airforce Hospital. 
From September 1st 1960 to August 31st 1994  it was Secondary Medical School 7.
On June 3rd 1997 Community Office in Otwock sign a contract of selling property to Polish Alzheimer Foundation, which was to open Alzheimer Centre, still named as Górewicz Guesthouse. 
From July 2005 County Administration, because of not realizing the contract by Foundation, tried to regain property by legal course. 
On January 9th 2007,  District Court in Warsaw sentenced that property of former A. Górewicz health resort had to get back to County Administration. 
October 8th 2008 final and positive for County sentence has been handed down. But the keys to the building of former A. Górewicz Health Resort,  was regained by repo man from Alzheimer Foundation on June 4th 2009. 
At present, empty building of former health resort is still waiting for best buy offer. 
Building was signed into do national register of monuments on January 31st 1979.  Position number 937.