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13. The Racówka villa

Czaplickiego 7 Street

The newly arrived from Warsaw Szlamma Huberband bought the slight part of Gródek villa on the W. Czaplicki street. In 1928 he built there a large, storied villa with the elements of classical style, with one big terrace above the main entrance, with the semicircularly finished windows. The building was canalized and called Racówka. In 1935 the owner was auctioned for not paying the loans, the Racówka villa was bought by the Otwock’s lawyer Antoni Maciejko with the purpose to be Magistrates’ Court. On 4th of August 1936 he was given the agreement to do that by mayor Otton Samojłowicz-Salomonowicz. The adaptation works started, and in the same year the Magistrates’ Court began its work in the Racówka villa.

In 1938 the villa was sold. It was bought by Ignacy Maurycy Kerner with wife Tuba and Mordechaj Rosbaum.
During the war the Magistrates’ Court functioned in limited range and under the German supervision. The villa was derived from the area of ghetto. 
In Racówka the Court restarted it work in 1945, and finished in 1965.
In September 1961 the building was ownershipped by the Exchequer. 
In 1997 the Racówka villa was registered on the list of objects under the Preservation Officer’s care under the number 1633.