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14. Na Górce Villa

L. Kruczkowskiego 10 Street

The villa was built around 1890-1891. It was the property of Edmund Diehl, an engineer, the author of a guide Villas in Otwock and the conditions of stay, which till today is the priceless source of the beginning of Otwock’s information.

Na Górce villa is one of the most original, interesting and oldest wooden villas in Otwock. The location, the wooden turret and richly decorated with wooden ornaments details nest to the windows, the summits of houses and porches, draw attention.

Edmund Diehl died unexpectedly. In 1906 the owners of the villa were R. M. Pisarscy brothers. They used to rent the apartments for the summer and winter season.

The current owners are the successors of Pisarscy.