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15. The rail viaduct. The Christ’s figure

Orla Street

After putting up the rail station in 1910 and changing the track from Lublin to Warsaw on the East side, the construction of passage under the railway tracks started. The further works were stopped by the first World war in 1914.

The continuation of constructions had place after the war, in free Poland. The enormous amount of the mined sand was exported by trains to the new railway place, joining the east station with Warszawa-Praga station.

The Christ’s figure carrying the cross accomplished this new communication knot. It was a thankful vote of Otwock’s inhabitants for the victory over Bolsheviks in 1920. The originator of putting the figure on Orla street, on the Józef Pietraszewski’s property, was Ludwik Wolski, the parson of St. Wincenty a’Paulo parish, and also the Otwock’s City Council which supported him in this project. The Christ’s figure is a replica of the standing from 1858 figure on the stairs of St. Cross Church in Warsaw, the work of Andrzej Pruszyński. In this church priest Ludwik Wolski on 30th of November was given the ordination.

The Christ’s figure luckily survived till these days, and beautifully lighted is guarding the city.