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16. The theater of S. Jaracz

Armii Krajowej 4 Street

The building was raised in 1935 with the purpose of being a modern cinema Oaza. It was built by Nusfeldowie (Nusfaldowie)- the siblings of Motel, Wolf, Rajzla and Chana.

Motel (Mietek) died on the front in September 1939, Wolf (Welwu) was shot on the 11th of November 1939 in Śródborowie. Rajzla and Chana (Anna) died on August 1942 in Treblinka.

The Oaza cinema contained 150 spectators, in 1937 was the only registered cinema in Otwock and was very prosperous. The screen was from the H. Sienkiewicza (currently Armii Krajowej) street side, and a projector was in the extension in the back of a building.

During the war the occupation power, for the propaganda purposes, activated there a Raj cinema, but there was no attendance so on the 26th of December 1939 the cinema was closed. The building was taken as a grain storage of Agricultural and CommercialCooperative Regional Society.

After the ghetto liquidation the warehouse was located on Świderska street, and the German films came back to the building. This time it was prosperous, especially among the young people from Otwock’s region.

In the Otwock’s headquarters staff of Armia Krajowa the decision about preventing films’ projection was made. The first action organized on the beginning of April 1944, was about taking away the displaying equipment, unfortunately it stopped the cinema’s activity only for three weeks. In this situation the radical action was taken.

On the May 20th 1944 the four and personal combat patrol from ODB and IV Region under the command of pilot officer Zygmunt Migdalski blew up the cabin with displaying equipment. The explosion severely damaged the cinema building.

In the first years after the war the building became the Work House PPS, simultaneously, the Amateur Theater Znicz after a small adaptation in harsh conditions started functioning in there.

In 1951, the general renovation under engineer Stanisław Russk’s project was conducted, who was simultaneously the director, producer and an actor of the amateur theatre which after the renovation changed its name for St. Jaracz Theatre.

The building became the City Community Center. There, various sections for children and teenagers were functioning, such as plastically, musically, rhythmicity and ballet, and for the adults- the music band and also the St. Jaracz Theatre.

Currently, the building has been not used for 8 years. The Urban Theatre had to move. The technical expertise of the building demanded the audience hall to be excluded of use. The building was closed.

The new expertise of the technical condition of the existing building with the concept of the rebuilding and renovating the Urban Theatre St. Jaracz in Otwock gives hope for providing the city with the theater and the revitalization of a building with such an interesting history.