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2. Doctor Przygoda’s Sanatorium

Warszawska 5, Dłuskiego 1 Street

In 1985 military surgeon Joseph Przygoda built two storeyed, wooden buildings on his allotment in which he opened dietetic – hygienic clinic for Israelites. His  x-ray and light-healing consulting room  was quite popular. 

In 1907, after graduating from medical school as Doctor of Medicine, owner’s son, Władysław Przygoda (1880  - 1937) took over the clinic, and renamed it to dr. W. Przygoda’s Sanatorium (lungs and larynx illnesses). Manager W. Przygoda. 

In 1912 dr. Przygoda as one of the first in Otwock, started to use emphysema in his sanatorium. 
In 1925 Władysław Przygoda was chosen from BBWR list to Otwock’s town council. 
Dr. Przygoda’s Sanatorium was active since the outbreak of World War II with short break during World War I. After dr.Władysław Przygoda’s death, sanatorium still functioned under management of  dr. Benedict Glass. 
On December 1st 1940 sanatorium was the part of Jewish ghetto, and as a result, it became the headquarters of Judenrat.  First  chairman of Jewish council was Izaak Lesman.  Then, from July 1941  -  Szymon Górewicz, co-owner of clinic – guest house. 
After liquidation of ghetto, it was changed into the juvenile reformatory school of St. Maria managed by order of Felician Sisters. 
On May 1945, remain buildings of former Sanatorium of dr. Przygoda were used to establish anti-tuberculosis hospital underlined by the Ministry of Public Safety, and after – the Home Office. 
In 1954 sanatorium was changed into communal building.