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3. Dr. Krukowski’s Sanatorium - Martów

J. Słowackiego 4/10 Street

In 1908 medical partnership: Gustaw Krukowski, Adam Wize and Henryk Higier established Dietary – Physioterapical Clinic in newly - built, brick - buid, storeyed house, on the corner of Słowacki street and Wiązowskiej street. (At present - Samorządowa)

It was built pursuant to project of famous architect – Maurcy Grodzieński 
In 1913 new pavilion was built onto the main construction together with spacious living rooms, dining room and single or double rooms. In 1927 terraces were built onto, and the number of rooms was increased.  It led to the creation of modern clinic with 40 beds, destined to prosperous patients.  
It was equipped with modern, therapeutic devices used for picking up static, plating, faradizations,  electric baths and other devices such as diathermies, quartz and mountain lamps, different kind of hydrotherapeutic devices, salt – baths, carbon-acid baths, needle – cover bath etc. 
Sanatorium did not accepted patients suffering from tuberculosis.  The majority of patients were those suffering from cardiovascular disease and digestive disease. 
Krukowski Sanatorium functioned till September 1939, then, deserted building was took over by injured soldiers of September Campaign. 
During occupation, thanks to attempts of dr. Paul Martyszewski, the surgeon and gynecological-obstetric wards of district hospital were created at this place. 
Since 1970 , after general renovation, wards of Anti-Tuberculosis Sanatorium of Ludwik Waryński functioned in this buildings. 
September 1st 1994 in former dr. Krukowski’s Sanatorium after expansion and adaption, Secondary Schools nr.1  in Otwock started its activity.