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3. The Street of Hipolit Cybulski

The pioneer of Otwock’s medicine

The rest of gate which led to dr Hipolit Cybulski’s house (1875–1924), well-known Otwock’s doctor, one of the pioneers of Otwock’s medicine.

After the first World War he became the principal doctor of Health Resort the capital city of Warsaw in Otwock, initiated in the pavilion rented from the Brijus Association. He was the member of the formulated in 1912 the Associated Administration of Otwock’s friends and a long-term president of the Otwock’s Mediacal Association. He died in Warsaw on the 8th of November 1924. He was buried in Otwock. After the doctor’s death the Wólczyńska street was renamed for the street of his name.