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4. Kasperowiczówka

Beautifully renovated “świdermajer”. One small, first-floored, the second one- Kasprowiczówka- with porches, the balcony on the first floor, and many openwork wooden decorations, finished with the turret with windows. There lived Edmund Kasperowicz, the prewar, well-known social worker, the secretary of Association of Otwock’s Friends, the president of Association of Radio’s Enthusiasts, the editor and publisher of Otwock-Spa Resort’s magazine. He designed the first Otwock’s emblem. Thanks to his initiative in 1921 the clerical colony- Soplicowo (nowadays, the district of Otwock) was established. The archbishop Stanisław Gall used to come here to rest. In the 50th anniversary of his priesthood, the figure of bishop was placed in the garden in 1937. 

The building is under the conservation.