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4. Dr. Józef Geisler’s Sanatorium

T. Kościuszko 20 Street

In the place, where today are housing estates, up till the end o nineties, the building of first lowland  anti-tuberculosis sanatorium in Kingdom of Poland was placed.  The sanatorium funder, owner and head doctor was the creator of Otwock health resort – Józef Marian Geisler.

In 1893, with financial help of reputed, Warsaw doctor Adam Chełomoński, doctor Józef Geisler built big, storeyed building in the forest between present streets of Kościuszki, Chopin and Geisler. It was destined for health clinic of lung disorders and most of all  - tuberculosis. 

Sanatorium was plushy, arranged due to hygienic official rules (running water, canalization, forty spacious, single rooms, two big porches destined for lying around, spacious dining room and living room). It has been very popular these times.

In Geisler’s Sanatorium, the effective climatic  - dietary treatment of tuberculosis was applied. Also, the artificial pneumothorax was applied.

On the middle of 1989 sanatorium was extended. Two stories of main building was connected, so they become one entire part. Wooden buildings was richly inwrought by chiseled in wood ornaments. They were located in beautiful, trimmed forest.

Geisler’s Sanatorium was the beginning of building anti – tuberculosis sanatoriums and preventoriums  in Otwock. It was the place of work and practices of best specialists and in lungs diseases and tuberculosis. For example: Chełmoński, Wrońki, Stankiewicz, Czaplicki, Krzyżanowski and others.

Dr. Geisler Sanatorium developed the type of anti-tuberculosis clinic, which was popular till 30 of XX century.

Doctor Józef Marian Geisler was devoted social activist. He was a member of management of Association of Friends of Otwock. He was devoted promoter of Otwock as so called “climatic station”. He was a member of Warsaw Hygienic Association, member – founder of Warsaw Anti – Tuberculosis Association. He contributed in granting our town status of first disinfection station, which he managed .

In 1915 dr Geisler was evacuated in deep into Russia. He came back to Otwock in 1918.  Seriously sick, he  wasn’t able to take up a work.  He died in Otwock on May 1st 1924. He was buried on cemetery in Karczew.

Sanatorium functioned till the outbreak of World War I.  As doctor Józef Geisler died, the history of Sanatorium ended.

In appreciation of doctor Józef Marian Geisler services to Otwock, on August 6th 1924 Town council enacted the change of Graniczna Street name into J.M Geisler Street.

In the building of former sanatorium, new owners – Waks and Frydland, opened a guesthouse called Dyeta,  which in running time changed its name to Patria, managed by Regina Rozenblat.  During war, it was  a place of  habitable house, cafe and restaurant.

In 1946 in former health clinic of doctor J. Geisler, the Anti-Tuberculosis Sanatorium PPS was openened. Then it was owned by PPR, and at lat, by ZUS.

Since fifties up till nineties of XX century, it was a place of  Anti-Tuberculosis Sanatorium of Ludwik Waryński, which was converted in 1976 into Hospital nr.2 Of Ludwik Waryński.