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5. Sanatorium of M. Chmielewska, F. Wiśniewski, S. Krzyżanowski

M. Kopernika 8 Street

In front of doctor Geisler Sanatorium in 1905 the second Otwock’s Sanatorium began its activity.  The Sanatorium of M. Chmielewskiej, which was soon took over by F. Wiśniewski.

Beautiful, wooden, storeyed building with twenty, comfortably arranged rooms, spacious, glazed “lying areas”, large ball room, library, dining room, bathhouse and parlour was built in big park.  The novelty was electric rings in patients rooms, reticulated mattresses and top windows, opened by lever.  The kitchen was places in separate building, which was connected with walkway.

Before the World War I,  F. Wiśniewski Sanatorium was bought by Maria and Jan Karbowscy, they gave it over to Stanisław Krzyżanowski, Maria Karbowska’s brother.

Doctor Stanisław Krzyżanowski (1877-1917) thereon after  studies settled in Otwock. He became an assistant in Geisler Sanatorium in Otwock and also the manager of private health clinic – former Wiśniewski sanatorium. Doctor Krzyżanowski organized model sanatorium for people who had been suffering from lungs disease.  He applied innovate methods of treatment.  Most of all, he used unique in whole country, climatic values of Otwock.  Patients were porching there for whole year,  even during minus temperature. 

Dr. Krzyżanowski was social activist. He held honorable functions. He was a chairman of Polish Homeland Club in Otwock, vice-chair of Association of Friends of Otwock and vice-chair of Municipal Service Council.

 After the outbreak of World War I, the life conditions drastically went down. In Otwock, many citizens suffered from typhus. Stanisław Krzyżanowski was a doctor, who treated sick persons  regardless of their religion, nationality of social status.  He was strongly committed to social activity, and full of polish, traditional, left-wing ideals. He took part in revolution in 1095, he was a member of PPS. In 1917 Stanisław Krzyżanowski died because of typhus infection, caught from his sick patients. 

After his death, whole Jewish Commune, proposed financial help in education of his daughter Irena (Irena Sendlerowa), as act of gratitude due to his care on poor Jews. However Mrs. Janina Krzyżanowska refused, despite of her affection.

In 1920 Sanatorium was liquidated. Entire building was bought by Warsaw Magistracy, which arranged juvenile reform school in it. 

At present, this building is located at T. Kościuszki 21 street. It is inhabited by 21  locator, and only few of them knows, that from the end of 1911 up till 1920 it was a home of Irena Sendlerowa from Krzyżanowscy family.  (15.02.1910 – 12.05.2008).  Righteous among the Nations, she saved 2500 children from Jewish ghetto in Warsaw.

On march 14st 2007, Polish Senate in special act commemorated in unison, the activity of Irena Sendlerowa, Nobel Peace Prize candidate.

On September 18th 2008, Otwock Town Council enacted granting a title of Honor Citizen of Otwock to Irena Sendlerowa.

On February 23st 2012 by act of Otwock Town Council, year 2010 was announced the year o Irena Sendlerowa. In this house, till the death of her father, Irena Krzyżanowska lived a happy period of her life.  She mentioned:  Still an still I was attracted to this place. I think it was caused by child memories, that was strongly settled in me. Those memories was for me the legend of Otwock’s times!