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6. The pharmacy and the colonial shop

S. Żeromskiego 16 Street

The two grounded-floor buildings which the owners were Czerniawski and Rotsztejn. In the first one the pharmacy was located, since 1933 Regina Millerowa was in charge of it. It was functioning all the time until the beginning of twenties. The stylish pharmaceutical interior, made an impression as if the time stopped there. Currently, the department of Civic Public Library is located there. 
In the second building, closer to B. Prus street, the Edmund Budkowski’s Colonial-Grocery and Fruit Shop were situated. 
Unfortunately, the stylish porches which were the real decoration of both buildings, didn’t survive till our times. 
The interesting fact is that Andrzej Wajda shot a few scenes there to the movie “The Ring with a Crowned Eagle”.