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6. Council Sanatorium of Stanisław Okulicz

Samorządowa 18 Street

After 1918 within the fights with tuberculosis, at Wiązowska 18 St. the 25 – bed District Hospital was established.  Two of its wards – 5-bed, contagious and 20-bed tuberculosis ward was placed in two on-storeyed houses.

Soon, on this same, beautiful parking area, bought by Warsaw Council the building of big sanatorium edifice started. It was completed in 1929.  It was  Multi - storeyed building, brick-built , with modern technologic devices, piped, with running water.  The utility rooms was placed in higher basements, so that all two tiers of buildings could be used for health purposes. 

It as a place of shiny, spacious rooms for sick, Roentgen room and laboratory.  Along the building’s wings the covered lying areas were located.  The park also was a place of broad, large lying area.  Nearby buildings where incorporated to the Sanatorium, and changed into flats for staff and into offices.

In gratitude for Warsaw Starost’s service, in realization of this huge affair Sanatorium was named  - Warsaw Council Sanatorium of Stanisław Okulicz.

During war, council sanatorium was incorporated to  District Hospital as tuberculosis ward.

After war, Sanatorium became a part of Anti-tuberculosis Sanatorium of Ludwik Waryński.

From 1.09.1976 -  Special Complex of  Lungs Disease and Tuberculosis Health Care nr.2 

From 1999  - Mazovian Centre of Lungs and Tuberculosis  Treatment

At present the building is not used. The holder of this area is Mazovian Voivodeship Marshal