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The place of a duel

The crossing of J. Filipowicza i J. Poniatowskiego streets- the interesting objects near the route

The cross founder was the Gaisler family. It was situated on the place of the tragic duel of Wacław Cichoszewski, a young student of Politechnika Warszawska, with Mieczysław Muśnicki, befriended with dr Gaisler’s family, a wealthy industrialist in age of 40. The reason for the duel was a beautiful and dowered miss Kazia from the well-known Otwock’s family. The duel took place at dawn, on Saturday on 21st 1909. The winner- Mieczysław Muśnicki ran away to Canada for fear of being arrested for a few years. This is the version of miss Kazia’s family. The different one says that the guilty person for the death of a young student was a son of a well-known and well-deserved Otwock’s doctor, who got married later on with the moody miss.

On the 13th of December 2000, in the place of the old cross, a new, oaken one was placed which sacrifice was held on the 16th of December 2000. The founder of the whole event was The Committee of Cross Protection, as well as Otwock’s municipality.