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Kościelna Street - the Polish hotel

Koscielna 23 Street

The beautifully renewed, storied, wooden building from 1924. Originally, the guesthouse of a well known and respected doctor and social worker Paweł Martyszewski was located here. 

Doctor Paweł Adolf Martyszewski (1886–1944) came to Otwock in 1924, where he was getting practical. Also, he was taking care of the ill healed in his guesthouse. In 1927 he was appointed as a director of a new raised the Sanatorium of Regional Council in Otwock. In this position he stayed till the end of his life. During the occupation he organized the District Hospital and he was in charge of it till his death on 31st of December 1944. In this well kept building, the popular confectionery Luksus, later Polish Hotel was functioning. 
After the war the new owners Broniewiczowie till 80ties of the 20th century had the private hotel Liliana.
The building is under the conservatory protection.