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Place of Adela Tuwim’s death

Reymonta 7 Street - the interesting objects near the route

In his letter to friends dated on November 3rd 1939  he  wrote from Paris:  The vision of ill, old Mother, whom I have left without money in Otwock, bothers me constantly. But it was so unexpected and… instant leave.  Anyway I give her address: A. Tuwim, Otwock, Słowackiego Street 16. 

House with this number, was a part of Jewish ghetto on December 1940.  On the base of written memories of Mrs. Jadwiga Nowakowska, she was under Apolonia Rybak’s care. House of Mrs. Rybak on Reymonta St. 1 was placed on the ghetto area, so she had to move about Aryan site. 
Adela Tuwim Apolonia Rybak
It is probable that it was Mrs. Rybak, who placed Adela Tuwim outside of ghetto, in Kazimierz Kowalski’s house, on Ceglana Street. He was a fire chief. 
 After liquidation of ghetto (August 19th 1942) Mrs. Apolonia Rybak came back to her house on W. Reymot St.  and hid Mrs. Adela Tuwim in it. 
Jerzy Marek Rybak, Mrs. Apolonia’s son, soldier of Kedyw in Otwock, after intervention of Soviet Army  got across west.  After years, he had a conversation with his nephew, Jerzy Rybak,  who came to visit him in London. He informed him about death of poet’s mother. 
Adela Tuwim was shoot and thrown from the balcony on W. Reymont 1 St. by Germans. At present it is W. Reymont 7 St.  Jerzy Marek Rybak found the body of a women, while he was coming back home at night. 
The corpse of Adela Tuwim was buried near the house, the day after. 
After his return to the country, Julian Tuwim ordered exhumation and then buried Mother in 1947 in family grave in Łódź.