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The Kahan Villa

M. Konopnickiej 7 and 7a Street - the interesting objects on the route

The prewar property of M. Kahan. The first house is a mysterious, storied, wooden place where till this date the open-worked, wooden details decorating balconies and glazed porches, very characteristic for this nadświdrzański style of architecture, are preserved in a good condition. 

Not without a reason, this exact house was a background for Dorota Kędzierzawska’s film “it is time to die” with Danuta Szaflarska as a main character.
After the renovation it would be the one of the most beautiful Otwock’s “świdermajerów”.
The building is under the conservation. 
The second house- a large, storied, also wooden, effectively renovated is a great example of preserving our wooden architecture for the next generations.