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The Odo Bujwid Villa

Kościelna 19 Street

Odo Feliks Kazimierz Bujwid (1857–1942), the world-famous doctor, bacteriologist and immunologist, the creator of polish microbiology, the social worker, the professor of Jagielloński University, in Poland the pioneer of inoculation against rabies, the founder of the Pasteurowski Institute, Folk University and the first famine junior high school in Kraków.
In the end of 80ties of the 19th century he bought from Zygmunt Kurtz 1,5 morgues of a plot and built a wooden, ground-floored villa, from which he was going to work at Warsaw. In Otwock he was a guest student of doctor Józef Geisler’s Institution during the organization and in the beginning of sanatorium’s functioning. He was doing the research work, however he never refused treatment help for the Otwock’s inhabitants and holidaymakers. In the Otwock’s villa dr Bujwid lived till the end of 80ties of the 20th century, when at that time he moved with his family to Kraków. 
From the corner of ground which belonged to dr Odo Bujwid, the space for fair was marked, where several houses of a light construction were built, with the purpose of fruit store, small shop and butchery. 
Odo Bujwid’s villa is one of the oldest Otwock’s “świdermajer”. The special attention is drown by the little front porch decorated with carved, wooden openwork.