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3. Villa Alba – NKWD headquarters

Reymonta 68/70 Street

July 29th 1944 Otwock was taken over by Soviet Armies it wasn’t a long time when NKVD  appeared. Some of the sources suggest that NKVD consisted of numerous amount of troops, located in several, separate buildings. One of them was Villa Alba – former property of Orthodox Metropolitans Bishop Dionizy. This property is said to be former NKVD  headquarters. 

On July 1944 it was a prison of inter alia: Tadeusz Sztumberk – Rychter “Żegota”, chief of 27 Wołyń Division of AK. 
Since 1946, the owner of villa is  Association of Benedict Missionary Sisters. In 1950 sisters established embroidery workshop, which has been functioned to this day.
Former Villa Alba was demolished in 1986, and replaced by monastery buildings.